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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
We offer adult content for sale through our CD & FTP Store and for lease through our Plug-In Galleries.

Pricing and Payment Options
Each item of content for sale in the store is marked with the price for which it can be purchased. Pricing for our plug-in galleries is available here. We accept payment for all our product and services in US Dollars by Wire Transfer, Cheque or Credit Card (to a maximum of US$1500).

When you first purchase content through our store we shall carry out some internal fraud-prevention checks. Once those have been completed, we shall process your order and you will receive an email giving the FTP information required to download the content. If you elect to receive the content on a CD, then this will be dispatched at the same time.

Subsequent orders through our store will be processed automatically and you will be sent an email within a few minutes of payment giving the FTP information required to download the content.

When you order our plug-in galleries using this form we set up the galleries for you within 24 hours. Once you make the galleries available to your members we shall send the first invoice which will contain payment details and options.

Orders through our store can be cancelled at any time before they are fulfilled. Out plug-in gallery services can be cancelled immediately at any time and any period remaining unpaid will be invoiced.

Our policy is not to offer refunds for content that has been fulfilled.

Further Questions
If you have any further questions please contact us.