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Our Faq

Below are links to pages giving more information on the products and services we provide:

Our standard license allows for our content to be used on the Web only, this does not include WAP sites and content may not be redistributed by any physical method (CD-Rom, Disk, print etc.) or resold, rented or leased.

Some of the content available on Adult Content is exclusive to us but not all. If you are looking for exclusive content please contact and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Yes! We have 2257 documentation for all of our content however not all of this has been collated to be immediately ready for the Adult Content store. Sets which 2257 documents immediately available are marked as being with 2257 docs. To enquire about other sets please contact us at and we may be able to move your required content to the top of our list.

You can use our content on as many domains as you like, within reason, as we do not have a set limit. You are able to manage your domain list via your account. You do not need to inform us if you wish to add or delete a domain but all domains that you use the content on must be listed.

No, we do not allow the content to be used for free hosted galleries.

We do offer licenses that allow our content to be given to affiliates. Please contact to discuss this license.

Yes! We offer 10% discounts on orders over $500 and 20% on orders over $1000.

Our service is very flexible and we can encode the videos into any format that you require. As standard we provide videos in the following formats as we believe that they give the best results:

  • WMV
  • MPEG1
  • DivX5

We offer the following speeds as standard:

  • 4000 kbps
  • 2000 kbps
  • 1000 kbps
  • 500 kbps

If you need alternative speeds then please contact us at to require about availability.

We give you the option to only download the file formats and speeds that you require. Removing unwanted formats and speeds reduces file sizes and speeds up delivery via FTP.

Currently our maximum resolution is 1280x960 as standard. We are working on offering larger resolutions in the near future.

We accept payment by cheque, credit card and wire. If you choose to pay by cheque or wire then please inform us at so that we can keep an eye out and speed up the process. We do not accept epassporte or paypal payments.

You have the option to download the content via FTP, have it sent by air mail on a CD or hard drive, or use both FTP and airmail.

Initial orders are subject to human review but repeat orders are automatic. We aim to get initial orders processed as quickly as possible between the hours 9am 6pm GMT Monday to Friday. Repeat orders are instant and can be downloaded via FTP as soon as payment has been verified.

File Transfer Protocol. FTP allows us to transfer the content files onto a folder on your server. This is the quickest and most secure delivery method available and a previous knowledge of FTP is helpful.

Each client has a personal account. From this account you have the ability to download your content via FTP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To retrieve you password please click on the following link.

Your details are used for office use only. We never pass your details onto third party companies.

Please click on the following link to view a copy of our license.